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Fertility Massage
Are you...
...Planning a Pregnancy?
...Trying to Get Pregnant?
...Having Difficulty Getting Pregnant?
The journey to motherhood is not always simple. Nor is it always accomplished in the same way for each woman. One thing is for certain, though: however it happens, motherhood is one of life's most profound miracles.
Fertilitiy Massage is a combination of specialized techniques that include:
  • Cranial Sacral/Energy Techniques
  • Specialized Aromatherapy Blends
  • Reflexology for Fertility
  • Deep Abdominal Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Pelvic Rocking
In addition to your massage, all Fertility Massage clients are offered in-depth holistic consultations on Natural Fertility Planning including, but not limited to: nutrition, charting, herbal therapies, and other adjunct recommendations that can assist you on your path to motherhood.
Fertility Massage is both relaxing and therapeutic. Initial sessions will last approximately 2 hours and will include lifestyle recommendations, as well as your first Fertility Massage session.  Subsequent sessions (if needed) will last approximately 90-Minutes.
For optimal results, schedule sessions in the first half of your cycle, PRIOR to OVULATION. 
Initial Visit: Consultation and Fertility Massage...2 hours...$125
Fertility Massage...90-Minutes...$95
Please Note: Fertility Massage is still appropriate when undergoing treatments for infertility.
"As a Fertility Massage Specialist, I consider it an honor and a privilige to assist you with your Fertility goals. I am here to assist you in achieving optimal health so that fertilization, implantation, and a healthy pregnancy can take place.  I am looking forward to speaking with you soon!"
 ~~Jenny Keffer, LMT,  Fertility Massage Specialist
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