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Massage Services and Rates
All massages are performed on heated massage tables and include your choice of Aromatherapy, Hot Towel Service, and Bottled Water

A Signature Super Spa Girl Massage, based on Ayurveda.

Do you feel...
~Out of balance?
~Depressed or Anxious?
~Struggling with Self-Image?
~Chronic Illness?
~Digestive Disorders?
Back Be Nimble
This service is a signature Super Spa Girl service, created specifically for our clients. An absolute delight for the back, neck, shoulders, and scalp. A combination of techniques is used to eliminate stress and tension in your most troublesome areas. Therapists utilize Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Neuromuscular, and Russian Sports Massage techniques to achieve the greatest therapeutic effect.
Custom Massage Session
A Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, or Hot Stone Massage is perfect for Relaxation.
Enjoy the massage that you deserve! Super Spa Girl offers a unique approach to our massage session. Your session begins with a questionnaire into your unique wants and needs for your session
Your therapist then incorporates techniques just for you, creating a one of a kind experience. A variety of techniques may be used, including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Stones, Thermotherapy, and Hydrotherapy. Pressure can range from light relaxation to deep therapeutic.
Mediterranean Stones Massage
A relaxing hot stone massage in greensburg, pa.The Roman God of Wine, Bacchus was known for his decadent celebrations. Our luxurious, warm Bacchus Oil sets the stage for this incredible massage experience. Basalt lava stones are heated and used to melt away stress and tension. A Chianti and Grape Seed Crush Back Polish completes this one-of-a-kind service.

Fertility Massage 
Please CLICK HERE to learn MORE!
Pregnancy Massage
pregnancy massage greensburg PACongratulations, you're expecting! Our Pregnancy Massage Therapists have received advanced education in massage during pregnancy. Your safety and the safety of your baby are our top priority. Pressure will be light to moderate, based on your needs. For all available Pregnancy Massage Services, click here.
Russian Sports Massage
Treat your muscles to a combination of techniques designed to prepare your body for peak athletic performance. Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, marathoner, athletic, or simply follow an exercise regime, Sports Massage is for you! Your therapist will discuss your activities to determine the best use of strokes to enhance your physical performance and alleviate the aches and pains associated with various activities. Our Russian Sports Massage Therapists have been specially trained by renowned Russian Sports Massage Therapist, Celebrity Therapist, and Ukrainian Pentathlete, Oleg Bouimer.
reiki massage therapy greensburg PAReiki
Pronounced "Ray-Kee." Discover the relaxing benefits of this ancient energy work. Your therapist will rest their hands on you or hover above you during this session. 
Pure Reflexology
Reflexology massage Greensburg, PAAn ancient technique that stimulates points on the feet and/or hands to release tension and offer total body relaxation. Pressure is moderate to deep.
Pediatric and Autistic Massage
Kids need massage too! Our Pediatric Massage Specialist welcomes our younger massage clients to our studio. Perfect for ages 2-18, Pediatric Massage has many valuable benefits, including: promoting self-esteem, encouraging healthy body image, teaching children to manage stress, providing relaxation techniques in a stressful world, and teaching children to love and care for their bodies. *Massage is also available for children with special needs. Depending on the child and their unique needs, we will recommend a massage length. For guidelines for pediatric massage sessions, please call 412-610-3577.
Under 30 Minutes...$1 per minute
House Calls...Call for Pricing
Classes...Call for Pricing
Consultations...$25 (recommended for special needs clients)
Infant Massage
Our infant massage sessions are the perfect way to teach Mom and Dad (and Grandparents or other caregivers) how to massage baby. Our Infant Massage Instructor will guide you through a series of easily learned techniques that will help : promote length and quality of sleep, improve skin tone, tone gastrointestinal tract, reduce colic symptoms and promote bonding with baby.
Classes...$18 per participant
Individual Sessions (approximately 60-90-Minutes)...$65
Available to Teach Classes to Your Group....Call for Pricing
Relax in Greensburg, PA and enjoy our Couples Massage with a Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Reiki, Pre-Natal, Reflexology, or Aromatherapy Massage.Couples Massage
Perfect for Romantic Couples, friends, or families, our Couples Massage is a specialty. Our Couples will enjoy a unique Greensburg experience in our one-of-a-kind Couples Massage Suite.
Chair Massage... Corporate or Event
Perfect for your next office function or event. A great way to reward employees or offer a "healthy coffee break." Planning a corporate retreat or interested in employee or client/patient appreciation? We do relaxation bags! Call for details!
$1 per minute
(For House Calls, add $20 per person)
All hours are scheduled by appointment ONLY Monday through Sunday
9:00am -8:30pm
By Appointment ONLY, additional fees may apply
Please call
to schedule your massage at our Greensburg, PA location.
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